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Time. The concept that determines everything. Common denominator and devisor of all life. An universal border that cannot be crossed. Nearly impossible to pin in definition, it just is. Time determines what is new and what is outdated. Time decides the winner and the innovator.

In 2018, the time was right for Kristof De Bock to make a career change after more than two decades of stand construction and museum design. The interior designer had been working for a while on an atypical design for a floor lamp – the Monday – and finally made a priority of creating/finishing the first designs. It was the birth of Dasein.

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Dasein - what's in a name?

The term “Dasein” describes accurately the objects and what we stand for. Dasein is a fundamental concept in the existential philosophy of Martin Heidegger who uses the term to refer to the relationship between object and time. Da-Sein, Being There.

The designs of Dasein are innovative and timeless. You are not just buying a floor lamp or a coffee table, you bring an eyecatcher or design object into your home.

Dasein is a Belgian design brand that loves wood in all its facets. We prefer the use of renewable and sustainable materials. The materials are often processed in an unconventional way, leading to surprising end results. Is this pendant made out of wood?

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Meet the team.

Dasein is a cooperation between Kristof De Bock and Sabine Victor. Kristof is the designer of the collection and as well responsible for production and quality. Sabine is in charge of the commercialisation. With their combined strengths, Dasein is officially launched in January 2023.

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